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Since 1996 we have been providing software for the Model Railroad Hobby. Ship It! Version 1.0 was release in January 1996. We have release four other programs since then, and Ship It! is now on Version 8

Ship It! 8.0 Release (April 4, 2011)

Version 4 Info

 Ship It! Version 8 features full integration of balancing technology licensed from Dr. Jean Piquette. This allows you  to maximize operations on your layout by balancing the flow of products between shippers and consignees, resulting in more car moves per session.

Ship It! 7.0 Release (Aug. 24, 2007)

  • Measure siding and train capacity in terms of feet or other units.
  • Last Pass (4th pass) "Random" Generation
  • Shipper / Consignee Diagnostics
  • Improved Division Diagnostics
  • New Reports
  • Car Movement Generation Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
Version 4 Info

Railbase Professional 2.0 Release ( Feb. 24, 2006)

  • Structures and Passenger Cars (new categories)
  • Unlimited digital images per database item (for all database categories)
  • Functionality for storing prototype information (with links to unlimited digital images)
  • Weight calculator for rolling stock and passenger cars
  • General Category now supports digital images (unlimited)
  • Full Screen image viewer
  • Pan and Zoom all images
  • Image Browse contains thumbnail and previewer
  • Storage Box entry field
  • Backup and Restore
  • Free updates by download or patch for 1 year from purchase date

Ship It! 6.0 Release ( Dec. 5, 2004)


  • Stuck Car Processing - the program can now move cars that have stood still for a selectable period of time to a destination of your choice. There is a default destination, but different industries can move cars to different locations.
  • Exaggerate Siding Capacity - this allows you to increase siding size by a specific number or percentage, based on the type of industry. This is a valuable aid in testing, and for increasing car movement. This does not affect "Start Fresh".
  • Faster Session Generation

Ship It! Car Cards 2.0 Released ( Feb. 2, 2002)

More on 2.0 Features
  • Generic Car Card/Waybill in 3 Sizes
  • Print Selected Items - You can print as few or as many items as you wish, in any order.
  • Browse Industries By AAR Types
  • Duplicating Car Cards and Waybills
  • Duplicating Rolling Stock
  • Creating Multiple Waybills For a Car
  • New, Smaller Size Train Order
  • XP Friendly
V5 Feature List
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