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Note: For all products below, see our order form for pricing information.

Railbase Professional

Railbase Professional is an inventory program for model railroaders that works both stand-alone and with Ship It! With Railbase Professional and Ship It! you can operate your layout and maintain your fleet of cars from a single database.   Track assets, set up modeling standards, use preventative maintenance, and more. See the order form for pricing information.

Ship It! Car Cards

Ship It! Car Cards helps you to produce car cards, waybills, Form 19's, Form 31's, and switchlists for your model railroad. Without getting into the complexity of computer-generated traffic, Ship It! Car Cards enables you to utilize your computer and printer to produce some of the nicest-looking railroad paperwork around. The switchlists and Form 19's are based on prototypical samples from a variety of railroads.  Ship It! Car Cards gives you the ability to change fonts, add graphical logos, print in color, and design operations the way you want, all at a low cost. Ship It! Car Cards runs stand-alone or in conjunction with Ship It! and our pther programs.   See our order form for pricing information.

Ship It! Scheduler

Ship It! Scheduler allows you to do the following:

  • Create Train Graphs ("String Diagrams") for Your Model Railroad
  • Edit Schedules in Graph Mode (change time, towns, add stops)
  • Display a Fast Clock
  • Helps in Layout Design - Calculate Time/Speed/Distance Between Towns
  • Set up Groups of Trains to Turn On and Off Inside Ship It!
  • Create and Test Alternate Schedules

The program uses Ship It! train schedules, or it allows you to create new schedules - this allows it to function as a stand-alone program in addition to sharing the Ship It! data.   See our order form for pricing information.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping charges) on all our programs and kits. The only restriction is that you must ship all the contents of your package back to us.

Order Now! How Can You Lose?

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