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Railbase Professional  Review in the May 1998 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman

Harry Bonham's article "Computers and the Modeler, 7.0" appeared in the May 1998 issue of RMC on page 83. See your hobby shop or news stand for this issue, or call Carstens Publications at 973-383-3355.

Some excerpts:

"This is a huge and well thought out program."

"This program and Ship It!, now available in an upgraded version 3.0, may just be what any modeler needs for a complete, integrated, layout management software package."

"There is a lot of information that can be stored in Railbase 1.1...The program can keep track of cars that do or do not meet modeling standards set up by the user. Does this car have knuckle couplers? Is that engine equipped with DCC? What is its address? When is that engine due for a tune-up? How much did that caboose cost and where did I get that good price?"

Ship It! Review in the October 1996 issue of Model Railroading

Larry Puckett gave Ship It! the highest rating of 5.0 for all categories (User Friendly, Technical, Application, Value, Documentation) in his monthly Computer Applications review and said, " It isn't very often that I rate a program 5.0 across the board, but Ship It! really deserves it! If you really want to get your layout operating like the prototype, then Ship It! may be just the program you are looking for."

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Ship It! Review in the September 1996 Railroad Model Craftsman

Harry Bonham gave a very postive review of Ship It! in the article "Computers and the modeler, 6.0" in the September issue of RMC. Six different programs were reviewed, and a nice screen shot was given for all of them. Here are some quotes from the review: "I've been using an older DOS-based program for several years now, and I keep looking at each "new" idea as it comes along, waiting for the ultimate in operation. This program goes a long way toward reaching that goal.", "Ship It! is a well conceived operations program, made for modelers who enjoy the intricacies of moving goods.", "I like this program and recommend it highly.", "Special mention must be made of the excellent support given by Albion Software", "This program is well thought out, and it carries out its functions very well", and "It has the best manual I've come across for this type of program..."

Railbase Professional Review in the July 1997 Model Railroading

Larry Puckett gave a review of Railbase Professional in the July, 1997 issue of Model Railroading. Here are the ratings (1-5, 5 being best).



User Friendly









"Railbase Professional is great if you're looking for a way to keep track of that growing collection of rolling stock and locomotives."

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