• Improved car movement
  • Auto backup
  • Unlimited databases
  • Improved blocking
    • Auto blocking during session generation
    • All switchlists and yard reports are blocked
    • allows for custom blocking
  • User interface improvements
    • Sort browse windows by clicking on column header
    • Filters available on  browse windows (limit cars by reporting marks or AAR codes, limit industries by town, limit shippers and consigness by town, industry, or product, etc.)
  • Scheduler (string diagrams) is built-in and free
  • Custom train instructions can be added to switchlists
  • Backup and restore vastly improved
  • New report previewer - allows you to print any single page if you wish
  • Reduced cases where Start Fresh is required
  • Session History
    • Navigate forward and backward through your sessions
    • Ability to print switchlists, yard reports from any session in your history
  • Improved Start Fresh (better starting car locations)
  • Improved integration with Car Cards
    • car movement from all or individual sessions can be directly printed onto waybills
  • Better integration with Railbase and Scheduler (you can run them from the Ship It! toolbar)
  • Add New Cars user interface has been improved
  • Diagnostic Improvements
    • Layout Car Capacity report (includes analysis feature)
    • Orphan Car report
    • Siding Capacity Percentage Full report
    • Improved car rejection reports
  • Store your databases in a custom location
  • Message panel - tracks session generation, tracks deletions and warns of errors and need for Start Fresh
  • Ability to export data back to Ship It! version 8

Manage Database Folders

Backup and Restore

Partial Switchlist Showing Custom Train Instruction

Layout Capacity Analysis

Siding Capacity Percentage Full Report

Diagnostics Window

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