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Simulate, Then Optimize Operation On Your Layout

Use Ship It!'s reports to gain insight into what's going on on your layout. The Industry Status Report lists each industry in turn and contains information about each car located there. Because Ship It! tracks all information through time, it can tell you whether a car is loading or unloading, what product is involved, how many hours until the loading/unloading is completed, or whether the car is an available load or empty. Also given is the car arrival
time (what session it arrived in and the clock time). If the car is being routed across divisions, the next destination and final destination is also given. Empty Request and Load Request Reports detail exactly what each consignee is calling for in terms of AAR Type, product, and amount. This information allows you to optimize your operations  and eliminate bottlenecks.

On Time Delivery!

You control how often and how many cars are delivered to each industry by product. You determine how many carloads an industry can ship by product. You set up the parameters, but the layout acquires a life of its own, because of the many tests each shipment must pass before it is okayed. See the Consignee update window on the this page.

Update Consignee Window

Duration (24) above means that it will take 24 hours for the car to unloaded after it has arrived at Vulcan Forge. The car will then become an empty.

Amount (1) represents the number of cars that will be requested.

Frequency (24) means that "amount" number of cars will be requested every 24 hours.

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