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Welcome to Albion Software

Ship It! 10.0

A realistic, non-random switchlist generator. Put your layout to work - make your layout come to life! Let Ship It help you operate like the prototype. Car movement is never random with Ship It! Just tell Ship It! what products your industries ship and receive, and it will create car movements between them, even across divisions.

Car Cards 3.2

Car Cards helps you create car cards, waybills, Form 19's/31's for your layout, without getting into the complexity of computer-generated traffic. The software supports three modes of operation: hand-keyed car cards/waybills identified by car number and reporting marks; hand-keyed car cards/waybills identified by AAR code only; computer generated car movement output by Ship It!

Railbase 2.0

Railbase lets you store inventory information and images for all your model railroading needs: freight cars, passenger cars, locomotives, structures, and generic (miscellaneous) Items.

Scheduler 1.0

Scheduler enables you to create train graphs (string diagrams) so that you can see your train schedules in graph form. Avoid those corn field meets! Scheduler comes free with Ship It! and Car Cards, but is also available stand-alone.

All of our software shares the same database - you don't have to enter the same data multiple times.

90 day money back Guarantee