Create string diagrams for your model railroad!

Now comes free with Ship it! 9.0 and Car Cards 3.0!

Ship It! Scheduler allows you to do the following:

  • Create String Diagrams for Your Model Railroad

  • Edit Schedules in Graph Mode (change time, towns, add stops).

  • Layout Design - Calculate Time/Speed/Distance Between Towns.

  • Display a Fast Clock.

  • Set up Groups of Trains to Turn On and Off Inside Ship It!.

  • Create and Test Alternate Schedules by copying trains and graphs.

The program uses Ship It! train schedules, or it allows you to create new schedules - this allows it to function as a stand-alone program in addition to sharing the Ship It! database. See our order form for pricing information.

Easily Create and Test Alternate Schedules - and save them for running a variety of different operating sessions!

It's easy to copy graphs and trains (you can even delete a whole schedule with one mouse click). Toggle the "Do Not Schedule" checkbox for a group of trains (to turn on or off many train schedules at once). This lets you create many groups of train schedules that be selected for operating session variety.

Edit Your Train Schedules Graphically

There are 4 ways to edit your graph:

  1. Change arrival or departure times.
  2. Change distance between towns.
  3. Change the town that a train stops at.
  4. Add a Schedule Stop.

For Layout Design!

Use the distance calculator to determine the optimal distance between towns based on your operational scheme. You can enter data in any of the formats below: real seconds, fast minutes, real feet/meters, short miles/kilometers, and speed. The data is then recalculated for the other fields. Change train speed and see what is does to time and /or distance!